Anna and Giovanni de Castelmur

Giovanni de Castelmur, who had been styled a Baron in France, married in 1840 his cousin Anna de Castelmur. He was 40 years old and she 13 years younger. The Baroness was instrumental in the projects that he undertook, the restoration of the fortress Nossa Dona and the enlargement of the Redolfi house in Coltura. Giovanni, mostly abroad in France, looked after his business, while the wife dwelled in the new home with a few servants. Receptions and feasts took place on a small scale, mostly with relatives and friends.
Rather wealthy, they both were cultured and showed an open mind to their times. Part of their wealth was directed to support schools, the church, the hospital and public institutions. Their largest gift constituted that of Nossa Dona.
As there were no direct inheritors, the last descendants sold the entire estate of the Palazzo Castelmur to the community of Bregaglia. The reasoning was to commemorate the generosity of the couple Anna and Giovanni de Castelmur, and to ensure that the community should enjoy this palace in perpetuity.

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