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what looks at us | cahn castelmur

2 July 2021, at 8 p.m.

Panel discussion in the context of the exhibition by Miriam Cahn at the Palazzo Castelmur, ALIEN, the outlandish.
Hosted by Concetto Vecchio (author and journalist, Roma), Johanna Lier (author and activist, Zurich), Alberto Salvadori (curator, Milano), Monique Eckmann (social scientist, Genève), Kathleen Bühler (curator, Bern/Zurich), Francesca Recchia (author and researcher, Kabul) and moderated by Eric Facon.
Held in German and Italian, simultaneously translated into Italian and German.

On account of limited space, kindly request a reservation through an email sent to - info(at)fremddasfremde.eu

For further Information: www.fremddasfremde.eu 



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