Bregaglia’s historical archive

The Palazzo Castelmur houses Bregaglia’s historical archive (Archivio storico della Bregaglia). The archive and the Ciäsa Granda Museum belong to the Cultural Society of Bregaglia, a section of the Pro Grigioni Italiano. The goal of this documentation center is to collect and store primary sources related to local history and to make this data available to the public. The largest part of the archive preserves documents acquired from families in Bregaglia. These include purchase, lease and barter agreements, as well as appraisals, wills, inventory lists, estate distributions, account activities, passports, certificates, correspondence and diaries. In addition, there are public documents such as case records, judgements and municipal records that were found in private hands. These documents cover a time frame of more than 400 years, starting at the end of the 16th century and on until the end of the 20th century. The most numerous date from the 18th and 19th centuries. The Bregaglian emigration is particularly well documented.

The historical archive also houses a rich collection of photographs (currently being digitized) and a small library with books about Bregaglia’s history and emigration. You will also find numerous interpretative boards and objects on permanent display in the «Virtually a Nation of Confectioners» exhibit in the Palazzo Castelmur.
Most of the resources are organized in an accessible database. A link will lead you to the updated version of the inventory.

Photographic archive

The photographic archive, with historical images of Bregaglia divided by places and themes, can be consulted online.

Visit the Photographic archive

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