Virtually a Nation of Confectioners?

Giovanni de Castelmur

The Graubunden Confectioners' Emigration exhibition features approximately 60 interpretive panels, photographic reproductions of buildings, shop interiors, coffee houses and factories located in the numerous European cities where practically a nation of confectioners had settled.

The term - Graubunden confectioners - is broadly interpreted and includes a whole range of professions whose activities are closely linked · confectioners, pastry chefs, cafe owners, chocolatiers, ice-cream sellers beer brewers, distillers, grappa producers, manufacturers of lemonade, soda, barley water and marzipan, and tavern keepers serving wine and spirits.

In 1985, the Neue - Zürcher Zeitung - publishers released Dolf Kaiser’s - Fast ein Volk von Zuckerbäckern? - (Virtually a Nation of Confectioners?) The book became an important reference for those interested in a broad, yet profound, scientific and wellresearched document on emigration. Following the publication of the book, there was an exhibition in the Swiss National Museum with the same title. Afterwards, Dolf Kaiser donated the Graubunden Confectioners’ Emigration exhibition to the Palazzo Castelmur. Since then, the permanent collection is continually being expanded with articles, confectioners' tools and equipment, images, documents, etc., which are donated or loaned to archive.